Mito Communication

ninosMito Group is a strategic communication agency led by Miki López specialized in integrated campaign management, media, audiovisual services and advice to our clients consultant.
Our experience applied to change, social development and continuous technological innovation makes Mito Group the ideal partner for planning actions of value-added business consultant.

We offer 360: Strategic Communications, Marketing, campaign planning, management of socialnetworks, direct relationship with the mass media, organizing conferences, audiovisual productions, press conferences and hostesses, among other things.

The world of communication in essence. There are many ways to communicate, but only one willdispute.

We are ready to “Build your success”.
Mito Group.

Mito Productions

conciertoMito Productions is the department responsible for managing, distribute, promote and hire artistic productions and performances of all kinds to respond to major events such as plays, concerts or tours of renowned artists .

Since the most important stars of the national and international music scene to the young promises booming. Mito Productions set featured programming theaters and auditoriums of the Spanish geography.

If you are a MITO, Welcome.